About Dr. Chan

For almost 40 years, Dr. Chan has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine in the U.S, with the extensive training back in China and the research with the Health Department in Head Acupuncture. 

As a naturopath and an iridologist, he has also integrated western medical theories with his T.C.M. background, creating an effective combination of healing arts.

Dr. Chan has helped and touched the lives of a long list of patients, including many global leaders, United Nation foreign dignitaries and celebrities. He has appeared on major television networks, such as CBS and Lifetime. Besides healing, he has given lectures and coaching to health practitioners as well as to medical doctors. He is considered one of the leading authorities of T.C.M.


Body Condition

Below, we marked some of the common conditions that we mostly help with. 


Our Treatment


Dr. Chan has integrated western medicine with his intensive T.C.M. background, creating a more effective and holistic combination of healing arts to provide you with the highest level of care.






We also use TDP Lamp, which to substitute moxibustion's strong odor and heavy smoke during acupuncture, to promote microcirculation and loosening fascia. There are also Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program and Lumenis One Laser Program for your to choose, to rejuvenate of your body shape, skin, and more.  

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Our fee is standardized. There is an additional charge for supplements if apply.

Call to consult your insurance coverage.



For initial evaluation. It takes up to one hour.



All Follow-up visits. It takes up to 30 minutes.

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Holistically Heal Your Body.


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